Monday, November 3, 2008

Contemporary Crafts Market

Beth Rosengard

Adam Neeley

Marianne Hunter

Kevin Patrick Kelly

Kathleen Maley

Teri Pelio

Ruth Shapiro

The 23rd Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica, CA just concluded its 2008 show which featured over 250 the some of the finest craft artists in the world including nearly 100 jewelry designers. The show was crowded at times, but the general consensus was that there was a great deal more looking than buying with people concerned about the economy, with budgets stretched tighter than ever before.
I had the great privilege to assist Beth Rosengard who creates some of the most magnificent jewelry I have ever seen. Her signature style incorporates broom casted pieces of gold with unusual, gorgeous stones. Beth began making jewelry as a second career in the early 90's and now is transitioning to mixed media art pieces--proving that the the artistic soul can find expression in many forms.
Across the way from Beth's booth was Adam Neeley who is using a closely guarded technique of Iris gold alloy which creates a look of metal gradually changing color from royal yellow gold to white gold. Adam began cutting stones when he was 12. He had his first major show at 15 and now, at the ripe old age of 25, owns a retail location in Laguna Beach, CA. and shows his work throughout the country. Keep an eye out for Adam! I'm betting his name will become a household name in the not too distant future.

Also exhibiting was enamel artist, Marianne Hunter showing her museum quality, exquisite Kabuki Kachina figures among other pieces.
I was also impressed with 30-year veteran goldsmith and lapidary, Kevin Patrick Kelly who does stunning work primarily with opals.
Ruth Shapiro showcased her Judaica and jewelry. I recently took an etching class from Ruth which was fascinating!
And from bold to simple, I enjoyed both Teripelio Designs and K.Maley Design.
It was a wonderful three days mingling with world-class artists and appreciative customers. I learned a lot and left with tremendous respect for these accomplished, hard-working artists who make the earth a more lovely place.

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~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Wasn't it a good one? If you were the gal manning Beth's booth, I talked to you for a moment - complaining about her leaving jewelry behind. I love her broom castings and will be sad not to see her imaginative and creative work at future shows.

I had a little chat with Marianne Hunter, saw a few other friends booths, but completely missed Ruth! I remember hearing that they moved her booth, and I was looking for her, but evidently didn't find her.

I'm a regular reader of this blog and would have liked to have properly said hello to YOU, as opposed to simply talking to an anonymous woman about another artist.

Maybe in June. :- )